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April, 2011



Running for Union Gospel Mission


I registered for my first 5K run with the 2011 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge coming up on June 26, 2011.  I am super excited about the opportunity and look forward to the training.


Both my husband and I have passion to care for the homeless and for those who are in need.  You can support us in different ways:


1.) Please pray for discipline and endurance as we start to train for this event

2.) Please support us by making a secure online donation using your credit card. Click on the link:

3.) Call us to keep us accountable for the training :)

4.) Come out and train with us

5.) Run with us!


We are blessed to have you in our lives.  God be with you.


For more information on how YOU can participate in the 2011 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon & 5k, please visit us at

Thanks for your support!


Mar, 2011



Wow, time do fly when life is busy.  I didn't even realize it has already been 5 months since the last big film project. It is the weddings, photo shoots, commercials and short films in between that keep me going through the winter.  That and completing the Community counselling certificate program at Vancouver community college. After 2.5 years I am finally finishing the community counselling program, the next step is to look for practicum.  Meanwhile, I started doing courses in the Diploma of Guidance Studies at UBC. I like the balance between counselling training and doing makeup. Because they are so different, every time when I do one or the other it feels like a refresher.  What fun!   As I continue to volunteer at the Vancouver Crisis Center, it is time to look for practicum in the field of addiction and substance use.   I look forward to the exciting opportunities awaiting.   At the same time, I am feeling an itch for film makeup again, we will see where God leads me in work.  


Aside from work and school, I am excited to share that Kam finally warmed up to Smokie. Last night he admitted that he loves Smokie, compared to "I don't like dogs" 6 months ago.  What joy!



Oct, 2010



Finally finished 6 weeks of filming, BOY that was fun!  Now that I am back to my normal life, I have so much time on my hands I don't know what to do!  Nah that is not really the case; tonight I attended an information session at S.F.U. for Masters in Counselling Psychology.  Very exciting and a bit overwhelmed at the same time.  I need to switch back to academic mode from film sets mode to focus on the application process.   Not to say that I am quitting film, I am hoping to be able to do both.    Whatever happens in life, I know God is always going to be there with me.


Sep, 2010



Rain Rain go away!   I have made the investment on heavy duty rain gear and winter garments to prepare for the upcoming filming days.   Let's hope the rain season don't come too early this year.



Aug, 2010



It looks like film is finally picking up.  There has been different projects offers, some I get, some I don't. When I don't get a project I knew there is always something better awaiting for me.  Something new I learn about makeup lately is less is more.  Back in my makeup school days we were taught to use cinema secrets oil base cream makeup as base, then finish with matching shade loose powder.  Back in 2004 when I was in school the matt look was in favor.  Shine or glow on face is seen as oiliness and must be axed with layers and layers of powder to achieve the matt finish.  Well lately I have seen a twist in the favor of a healthy glow verses a matt look.  A healthy person should have that natural glowing complexion on the cheeks and slightly on the forehead and chin.  So out the heavy pigmented powder goes and in comes the HD translucent powder.  A good fine loose translucent powder is Makeup Forever's HD Microfinish Powder.  I like the refined texture, it goes on the skin so smoothly without leaving the powdery look.





June, 2010



A Chinese lady asked me this question about doing her eye makeup: Her concerns were her small eyes and her puffy eye lids, no matter how many different eye shadow colors she tried she still has trouble making her eyes look bigger.  My humble advice is this: Opt for colors that are does not contain too much sparkle.  Sparkle or sheen can reflect light and thus making the puffy eye lids even more visible.  Some Asian eyes are single creased, eye liner usually does not show well unless it is drawn really thick.  I suggest using a neutral color, apply from lash line to above the folded crease area, take another color of choice, blend in with the neural color and apply upward towards the brows.  The neural eye shadow will act as a contour while the color of choice draws attention to the corner of the eyes.  Using false lashes is also a great way to open up the eyes.  To achieve a natural look remember to pick one that is not too dramatic.  Trim the false lashes according to the length of your eye.  Ardell is a decent price brand. It has been around for a long time.  I find model # 108, 110 and 128 suit Asian eyes quite well.  If you have single crease eye lids remember to use a waterproof mascara as mascara are easy to transfer to the upper eye lid.   Have fun and experiment!






Apr, 2010



So some of you ask me: "Where have you been Amy since Nov 2009?"  Indeed a lot has happened since then.  In December my husband and I were busy packing, then we went on a trip to Mexico with my in-laws (fun times!).  When we came back in January we were busy planning the renovation.  The whole month of February was the actual renovation.  We had 3 weeks to get done what normally would take 2 months.  Thank God we finally got everything done in time; when we moved in some light fixtures are still unfinished. : )  In March, my course in Substance use, addictions and human behavior started at VCC.   That was an intense course, at the same time I leant so much about how different drugs (uppers, drowners & hallucinogens) physically affect the neurotransmitters in the brain.  Addictions is such a complex subject yet so fascinating.  I can see myself pursuing more education on that topic.    In the month of April is the lovely tax season!  At the same time my two other courses Individual counseling skills  and Group counseling skills has started, plus the ministry I have with the kitchen staff for ALPHA at my church, my time table is swamped with responsibilities and commitments. I look forward to finishing up some of these commitments in July. 


Nov, 2009



There's seems to be an wedding explosion this year.  My Summer and Fall were filled with weddings with ivory dresses, dazzling jewellery and glamorous bridal makeup & hair.  It is good to dive back into film this winter.  I was on a feature film for the past month called "CONFINED". The show wrapped this Thursday, it is good to be sleeping in again.  It was a great show, I had a blast with the fun crew and cast. The weather was brutal to us, 80% of our filming days were filled with rain and sometimes wind storm.  Yet we made it!    I look forward to the screening.  So what's next?  Hummm.....I booked a pampering facial on Monday, school will finish in 3 weeks, then after that I am off to Mexico with Kam's family.  Gotta dig out that tanning oil and bikini!



Sep, 2009



What a slow summer!  Nothing much is happening for me in film / TV makeup, I did do a few graduation / prom hair & makeup and a few weddings though.  I missed working on set as a makeup artist.   Perhaps getting married in May does not help in taking makeup jobs; the preparation of the wedding exhausted what's left of my spare time.  Thinking back at it I should have asked for help with putting together the 100 + party favors instead of doing it all by myself.  The wedding day itself went like a blink, 9 months of preparation and 1 year of savings all went by in 12 hours.  We were blessed with a beautiful day, check out some of the pictures at:


After the wedding I switched my focus to help Kam with his videography business.  The website is up and running, check it out at:   My Rock Media specializes in corporate video, business promotional video, training video, church or charity organization promotional videos, special events and wedding videos and more!  Get your free quote here.


I look forward to the start of Fall, even though my time table is swamp with school, work and training.  I can't wait to set foot onto another film set.  Till then......


Sep, 2009



What a slow summer!  Nothing much is happening for me in film / TV makeup, I did do a few graduation / prom hair & makeup and a few weddings though.  I missed working on set as a makeup artist.   Perhaps getting married in May does not help in taking makeup jobs; the preparation of the wedding exhausted what's left of my spare time.  Thinking back at it I should have asked for help with putting together the 100 + party favors instead of doing it all by myself.  The wedding day itself went like a blink, 9 months of preparation and 1 year of savings all went by in 12 hours.  We were blessed with a beautiful day, check out some of the pictures at:


After the wedding I switched my focus to help Kam with his videography business.  The website is up and running, check it out at:   My Rock Media specializes in corporate video, business promotional video, training video, church or charity organization promotional videos, special events and wedding videos and more!  Get your free quote here.


I look forward to the start of Fall, even though my time table is swamp with school, work and training.  I can't wait to set foot onto another film set.  Till then......


Mar, 2009



2 more months till my wedding!  I must say I went did go through stages of procrastination, panic, stress, realization that this is one of the best moments of my life and now to loving the wedding planning and enjoying the last days of being Miss Pang.   I am blessed to have such a supporting family and future in-laws plus my church family!  I am counting down the days and looking forward to seeing all my friends, co-workers & family there cerebrating with us!  Yee ha~


Feb, 2009



This month is the exciting month for Project 168.  Yes it is back and this year will be another blast with all the amazing projects coming in.  I look forward to working with the great crew again from last year!  The theme this year is on family.  It was a good script with the emphasis on the importance family communication and forgiveness.  I look forward to the screening!   Happy editing Ryan!



Jan, 2009



Phew I survived another Christmas with many big feast with my future in laws and my own family.    Weight loss & diet centers must have a boost in business after Christmas each year when many of us are hoping to shed those turkey pounds off for the new year.   So what's up this year?  Well, my big day is approaching so quickly and things are slowly coming together.   When I hold our first invitations in my hand it all seem so real, the big day is approaching in less than 4 months!  The planning process can be very headache but at the same time fun.  I want it to be a positive memory when I look back in years.  I am amazed by God's perfect timing on me getting hired for the show "Marriage Uncensored".   Yes you guessed it right this is a show on how to make marriage last and it covers all sorts of different topics related to marriage & family.  It is so much fun to work on Marriage Uncensored doing makeup for the two hosts and the guest speakers.  This crew really does feel like family.  Everyone tries to be considerate and supportive, especially the main host Dr Dave Currie & Christie, who constantly reaffirms every one how much his / her efforts & service is greatly appreciated.  I feel the positive energy every time I walk into the studio, and even on some of the longer than usual taping days, as tired as the whole crew can be, everyone still maintain their positive attitude. At the end of the taping I walked out of there having learnt another great lesson on marriage & relationship and I had a blast working with the fun crew.  I look forward to our next taping on the 18th. I am excited to see this show getting picked up by yet another TV station in the states.  It's very rewarding to see all our hard work pays off.  To watch their show go to:


Dec, 2008



Christmas season is Here!   Last week my hubby and I were up at Whistler for the Whistler Film Festival.  We got there a day early so we can have time for outdoor activities.  It turns out that there were not enough snow this year so nothing was open, not even the tubing area.  I was disappointed, so we walk around the Village a dozen times and watched movie in the cozy hotel room.  Having said that, we had a great time catching up with the cast & crew at the "Dim Sum Funeral" screening.  We finally get to see the project on big screen, it's exciting and we missed the fun shooting days.  Check it out :


HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!  God Bless you and your family a safe and joyful holiday!


Nov, 2008



Tonight was another fun filled taping of the  TV program "Marriage Uncensored:" with Dave & Christie in the studio with guest Dr. Scott Haltzman.  The topic covered tonight was "The Secrets of Happily Married Men & Women".  I learn so much about marriage, relationship help, self awareness & parenting every time I work on the show.  They have awsome guests for each show, professionals with different background, experiences & expertise come together to contribute their view and tips on one thing: "How can one build a strong, loving marriage & family?"  (To watch the show go to:

I find that our culture embrace test & trial relationships.  Many couples I met decided to move in together first to test the water before entering marriage with the mentality that if things doesn't work out then they can just move out and move on.  I believe if I have chosen the man to spend the rest of my life with, I don't need to "test drive" our compatibility because I am not focusing on what he can offer into the relationship for me to benefit from, but what I can offer to help lift him up, to help him feel loved and supported, how can I be a better spouse, and to be ready to forgive mistakes and resolve issues together.  I look forward to a relationship where both sides are aiming to give, to devote the best of him / her self for the partner's happiness. I do not consider divorce / separation to be the ultimate solution. When problem arises, through the guidance of counseling and prayer there must be a way to a resolution. 


Oct, 2008



Winter is not yet here but I am already feeling the blues. I had the day off today, was hoping to relax but I have the talent to keep myself constantly busy, to a point that I need to learn to take time off on my day off. I have not been loading my freelance schedule lately as I am trying to focus on the wedding planning but twice a month I get to work with Dr Dave Currie + Christie on the "Marriage Uncensored" show.  They are awsome to work with, I learnt so much on how to improve marriage + relationship through communications and other skills. To view their show on line go to:


Other than that, it was fun working with the Ko Sing Cantonese Opera Group last month. I was never a Chinese opera fan, but after working with them on the product "Princesses Changping" I am touched by the crew & casts' affection in Chinese Opera.  It was a fun learning experience, I look forward to working with them again on their next project next year.



Aug, 2008



It's nice to hop back on set again!  Film work definitely picked up in August, my gaffer partner is getting so much work that he has to turn down jobs.  I am not as popular as him but I have been hoping from Weddings to Corporate videos to TV Series to Music Videos and then back to my day job. I do look forward to working on Season VI of this TV Series which is still in the negotiation stage, not to mention another short film coming up in October with director / writer Matilda Aslizadeh. Her last film was a blast, I look forward to the special effects involved in this upcoming project.  Meanwhile, I am preparing to start my Counseling theory course at VCC in mid September. It's a good mix to be able to go from the fast pace of film sets to the classroom of counseling class and learn about using different tools to help others untie the knots in their life. 


May, 2008



Where is Spring for 2008?  I thought I saw a glimpse of it last week and this morning when I stepped out of my front door I was greeted with pouring rain and wind.  It might have been the weather that caused my nasty flu which lasted for over a month now and I am still recovering from coughing.  I can wait to be completely recovered & restored to healthy mode and hit the gym or the park for jogging / cycling.  I missed the outdoor, after all, I did not move back to Vancouver from Calgary for the high price housing, but for its beautiful weather.   

This month has been an interesting month.  To sum it up: information overloaded.  I started working at the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers Drug Mart in Metrotown. In the past 3 weeks I had intensive training on product knowledge, company history, various skin conditions and product prescription on most major prestige and demagogical skincare & makeup lines including Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Biotherm, Smashbox, Makeup Forever, Benefit, Lise Watier,  Vichy, Avene, Neo Strata, La Roche-Posay, Nuxe…etc.  It was fun to try out all the different product and learn the technology behind the development & function of different products with different lines.    After all, there's only so much makeup can camouflage, usually healthy skin requires the least makeup for it will radiate a healthy glow from within.  So no makeup is better than a good skincare regime to promote healthy skin.  I am happy I get the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the canvas I paint on (the face).  My new challenge is to exercise self control to resist the temptation of buying all these cool products. 


Mar, 2008



Ever since I came back from China I no longer dwell on the stubbornness of working only in Film.  How many people in the film industry have at least 2 other jobs on the side?  I am beginning to appreciate the work that I used to find tasteless (boring) and I am exploring into other fields that also catches my interest such as counseling.  When I no longer have the "starving artist" mentality I actually enjoy working in film on a reduced-stress level.   Now I can work on my side jobs and still work in film whenever they come my way.  I do not allow myself to jump into the depress mode when it gets slow in my film biz work.  I am looking forward to the Feature that I will take part in starting next Wednesday.  Oh many lack of sleep nights and loads of hurry up and wait accompany by laughers and team work! 


Feb, 2008



So why did I disappeared off my blog for so long?   That's because I was in Beijing, China studying Advance Chinese Makeup Design for Film & TV for 6 months.  It was such a learning experience, not only the program in itself but also the living environment, the culture & the people.  I remember I was put into the school dorm for the first 1.5 weeks and it was the worse living condition I've ever seen. Without going into details, just imagine a small room packed with 5 bunk beds back to back, with more than 20 girls sharing one toilet and 56 students sharing one shower. The average wait for shower is 1 hour and it only opens from 6pm - 9pm, so there is a great chance that not everyone had the chance to shower daily.  Thank God I found a new place with my classmates and we moved out of that room shortly after.  Aside from all these inconvenience, Beijing is the capital city of China, filled with rich culture.  I had the chance to work on the Annual celebration of the Health Department Gala event at the at CCTV (China Central Television) studio, witnessing the run down of TV making in Beijing China.  Through out the past 6 months I developed great friendship with some of my classmates & I would definitely go back in the future to visit.  Here's a picture of me and my model in 20s Shanghai Singer Character Design:



Aug, 2007



Congratulations to Tanis Sullivan for winning the "Actor's Basket" from Women in Film Vancouver Video Spotlight Gala Silent Auction!   One of the gifts included in the "Actor's Basket" was a professional Photoshoot with Wendy D Photography & a complementary session of makeup application & hair styling with me.  We had so much fun yesterday at Wendy D's studio at the ARC.  This is one of my favorite among the hundreds of pictures taken:




June, 2007

Part IV


The Women in Film Vancouver Video Spotlight Gala was a blast.  Congratulations to all the award recipients, there were some touching sharing, both tears & laughter.  I am curious as to who won the bidding of the "Actor's Basket" in the silent auction, it will be such a great package for any actors.  Here is my contribution to the "Actor's Basket" :


June, 2007

Part III


Time seem to fly this year, it's hard to believe that it's almost mid-June already.  Recalling from last year I was working back to back, riding on usually two if not three projects at the same time.  I would go to one set in early morning, wrap at 6pm and then run off  to another set to shoot a all nighter.  After wrap I will run home for a quick shower then I run to the morning set again.  It was amazing how I don't feel tire at all when I am on set, but once I get into my car my eye lids sink like quick sand; as soon as I am on set my energy comes back again. It was crazy but good times.


This year is a whole different story, with the increase in value of the Canadian dollar there seem to be much less productions in town, resulting in a dry spell for a lot of us working in the film industry.  Many of us are holding tight to our day job and waiting for the dry spell to pass.


"The busy days will come", said many.  I rest my hope in God and am looking to invest my time & skill in a whole different field while I have this spare time.  It's amazing how comfortable & relaxing it can be working in an office as compared to on set.  I think I can get use to it for now...


Just updated my on line PR, go check it all out at:


On The Lot:

Independent Film Center:

Women in Film & Video:;selectby=lastname;utype=


Production Point:

My Space:




June, 2007

Part II


My first on-set injury finally happened.   What seemed like a harmless slip & fall on a set of slippery stairs turns out to be quiet painful & severe.  On Tuesday I was shooting outside in this old farm house in Delta.  It was rainy and the old stairs were more slippery than I thought.  Stepping down I slipped and landed on the edge of the last step of stairs; I was in so much pain that I was almost in tears.  Laughing in embarrassment and to my clumsiness I pushed myself up and finish packing my kit then went home.  When I arrived home (25 min later) I checked in the mirror to find out a mid size bruise on my left bum, which continue to grow as each hour goes by.    2 days later the size of the severe bruise grew to 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.  I bare the pain to go back to my day job, thinking the bruise will eventually go away.  However given the increasing pain and numbness developed I finally I gave in and went into the ER on  Thus night.   I waited in the ER from 11:00pm - 3:30am, thank God everything seemed ok.   Now I am resting at home, carrying my icepack with me everywhere I go and praying for speedy recovery.  Thank you to all those who left messages on my Facebook!  You guys warm my heart.



June, 2007

Part I

It has been almost 2 years since I do something outside of film.  This Friday I will be starting a 1 week temporary position as a receptionist in an office in Richmond.  I am actually excited to start this job coz it's like a nice breath of fresh air from doing film work, and it's duration is not too long that will cause me to start to itch for being on a film set.  While my passion still lies in makeup in film there's got to be a job that pays the bill. I look forward to working with "normal people" (as oppose to wild, advantageous & creative film people) in normal hours (8am - 5pm). 



May, 2007


Although this month was not as busy as I like it to be, I had the opportunity to work on a music video with some really cool people such as the professional crew from "Chemical Evil".  It's always exciting to work with the pros coz the filming flows much more smoothly.    Aside from the MTV I also did a face cast for a prosthetic piece, it's for a monster character in a upcoming feature trailer.  I am now at the pouring positive mold stage, am looking forward to the sculpting stage next week. 


But first, I am setting my mind on this weekend's Whistler Retreat, can't wait to soak into the hot tub under the stars in this outdoor pool. 



April, 2007


It's so refreshing to see greens again.   The sun bathed environment reminds me of film set hoping last year.    I am blessed to have steady work this winter, though many projects are voluntarily but the process was fun and I get to meet some great people with artistic talents.    I am crossing my fingers on the 2 projects I was involved in for "On The Lot" Fox reality filmmaking show, hoping that they will out run the race.   It looks like it will be another busy year for film, I can't wait to throw myself over the upcoming exciting projects accompanied by many sleepless nights.



Feb, 2007


It always amazes me the beauty of the art of makeup from different cultures.   Last year I had the opportunity of work with a pair of lovely Indian sisters, they educated me on the common emphasis on heavy use of eye liner for Indian girls.  They also love vibrant colors , not only did I observed the newest collection of Indian fashion but also on their choice of vivid eye shadow colors.   Where as on the other hand Asians (particularly Chinese & some Japanese) girls like to aim for a pale face with flashed pink cheeks and jelly transparent pink lips, yielding the "no makeup" natural beauty style.   My dad suggested me to take makeup courses in China, I am seriously considering that for I am highly fascinated by the Chinese Opera makeup.   I can see the sparkle results of a combined Asian style makeup with North American, and / or European makeup.



Dec, 2006


Wow, what happened to summer?  I admire the soft fluffy blanket of snow on the roof top from my bedroom window, and the little snow worms that sit on the tree branches, weighing each down to form ice droplets at the end of the bark.  It seemed like yesterday when I was out under that bright hot sun in 35 degrees, touching up the makeup on the sweating actor's face.   Time seem to past by faster when I am working, but when I am at home I can almost hear the ticking of each second goes by.   One must not mistake having a career means having a life.


Nov, 2006


So what's happening in Nov?  Well, see for yourself:












Oct 30

Call time 8:00am @ Vancouver. 

Oct 31

Call Time 0800 at Burnaby 


Dinner with Arts Department at 8pm @ Shabusen


Begin shooting “Son of Mine” from Nov 2 - 8


Women of Faith Conference


Women of Faith Conference




10:30am – 1:00pm


Begin shooting “Good People, Bad Things” Nov 6-11


 "Good People, Bad Things"


"Good People, Bad Things" shooting from Nov 6 - 11


"Good People, Bad Things" shooting from Nov 6 - 11


"Good People, Bad Things" shooting from Nov 6 - 11


"Good People, Bad Things" shooting from Nov 6 - 11




Cont'   "Good People, Bad Things"


 Shooting from Nov 13 - 18


 Cont'   "Good People, Bad Things"


 Cont'   "Good People, Bad Things"


Cont'   "Good People, Bad Things"


Last day of shooting




10:30am – 1:00pm





Alpha / DC Childcare










Shooting short film “September”

Nov 23 - 27


Shooting short film “September”

Nov 23 - 27


 Shooting short film “September”

Nov 23 - 27





10:30am – 1:00pm 


Last day of shooting “September”















Screening of "Zero Hour" at VIFC 9:45pm



Oct, 2006


What's happening this month?  Well let's see:

  • Actors' head shots

  • Business portraits (aka. photo shoot)

  • Women In Film Vancouver monthly breakfast on the 26th

  • Wrap party for short film "Zero Hour"

  • Volunteering for BC Film Industry 2nd Annual Halloween Haunted Studio Tour at The Bridge Studios from Oct 27 - 31

  • Start shooting "Son of Mine" on Oct 31


It is not until recently I confirmed my addiction to work.   Being on set makes me feel alive, it gives me the purpose to wake up at 4:30am for work.   However, it also means I am a workaholic, one thing I do not wish to admit.  I am beginning to learn that work should not take up 90% of my mind or my life, it is time to readjust the purpose of living.   There is a lot more to life than just work / career.


Sep, 2006


This summer was not as busy as I expected, being the workaholic I am, I can't wait to dive back into a new busy season of film production.   I am jumping onto a new project that aims to raise money for the Breast cancer society, it will be a fun 19 hour day project, better catch up on my ZZzzzzz now....


July, 2006


Just finished another short film with Mel Weisbaum, he is one of the few people whom I will sign onto his projects in a heart beat because he treats his crew so well with respect & support (not to mention all the great food on set).  Everything is well thought out and organized, just the type of working environment I enjoy working in the most.


I can't wait to see this short film on DVD after editing & CGI.   For the past 3 days we shot inside a studio with ceiling high of green screens.  Although we pull 14 hr days everyday and the temperature can rise beyond 38 degrees inside the studio, we had fun and captured a lot of great shots.


After the hugs and goodbyes, I am moving on to a MOW called "Under the Sycamore Tree".   I appreciated the fact that I this time I can focus more on paperwork & continuity while my 3 assistants work their magic wand (or brushes) on the casts.


June, 2006


June indeed is a busy month. I signed onto 4 films at the same time, with 2 overlapping each other.   For a whole week I started my day at 8:00am on one set, then run off to another set at 5:00pm, then shoot until 2:00am.   I learnt that even though I can will myself to work 19 hrs per day, my body won't allow it. 


The most memorable (or painful?) experience among all the shooting this month has to be the time when we shoot at a park in Mission, the whole cast & crew were attacked by an army of mutated mosquitoes that are immune to any type of bug sprays.  We all went home with at least 20 mosquito bites and some had a good sun burn.    


May, 2006


An exciting & busy month is ahead of me.  For those who know me knew I would whether be so busy that I get no sleep than to have no work lined up and stay home with my cat all day.   My next challenge is to make a generic "home made prosthetic appliance" to mimic a punched swollen eye and a swollen cheek.  Let's see what we can do with $0.00 budget.


P.S. - I am so excited about my Spring retreat at the end of this month, can't wait to blend in with nature up at Whistler for the whole weekend.


April, 2006


Lately the one thing I hear people talk about the most is the "Crazy 8 Projects - 8 films, 8 days...." ( It is amazing how much can be accomplished in just 8 days.   I just wrapped out of a Crazy 8 short film yesterday at South Surrey.  (God thank you for the nice weather this weekend)    Great crew, great cast, great producer!   Looking forward to work on another one of Mel Weisbaum's projects.


March, 2006


Com'on Spring, I am ready whenever you are!  This indeed was a slow winter for me.  Nothing much exciting is happening as far as job goes, but I did have plenty of time to spend with my family & friends and do volunteer work on the side.   Oh, and I finally have the chance to take that sign language course I've always wanted to take.   Though I do miss the days when I had hardly any sleep & am running around town shooting.   Can't wait for work to flare up again.


January, 2006


It was fun to work with a full professional crew for the short “Snowgirls” up at Whistler this weekend.  Can you imagine over 25 people stayed over for the whole weekend in a 6 bedroom house, squeezed tight together on mattresses and sleeping bags?   Although we had a mini snow storm on the last day of the shoot and the drive back to Vancouver was somewhat advantageous, over all we had loads of fun and thumbs up to all of you cast & crew!


December, 2005

Ever watch the “Mother Goose” Pantomime?   Then quickly hurry to Metro Theater in Vancouver!  The show will run from Dec 16 – Jan 07, 2006.      My responsibility this time is the 5 beautiful show girls that follow the Demon.  But of course the good guys always win at the end (oops, just gave out the ending).



Finally I have the opportunity to volunteer to help out with church events that are related to my field.  Come check out the “Singing Christmas Tree” at Broadway Church in Vancouver from Dec 9 – Dec 19!   Making up Pastor Kam into a lumber jack is fun and the 100 people that need to get into makeup are a scene fun to watch.   Yet I must say the whole program was excellent and I would watch it again for the 11th time if I have the chance!



Yes it’s that time of the year again, there’s Christmas songs playing every where (and I mean everywhere). With so many things going on, people running around shopping like mad. I wonder if the majority of Canadians could recall the origins of Christmas (minus the shopping, the family dinner, the vacation, traffic jam…).  


Just wrapped the musical / rock concert “Southern Time”; it was a blast with great experiences and great performance.  Once again it’s time to say good bye to the cast and crew, hugs and kisses flying around in the back stage, we wave good bye to each other and head off to the next project.  Through out this project I spent over 105 hours designing (with initially 42 different makeup designs), shopping for materials, practicing, meeting with the assistants, training, attending production meetings & rehearsals, revising the designs, making the computer mother board face chip and finally doing the makeup application for all 7 shows.  Looking back at the last two months I learn so much from trial and error, making things work when it seem initially impossible to accomplish.  After every project I always gain something, whether it’s a pay cheque, valuable experiences and new friends (or all of it), it’s worth it every minute.


November, 2005


It’s always exciting to meet a new team of crew & cast on a show.  The crew on this show is just absolutely amazing.  The girls in the Hair department are fun, helpful and supportive (you know who you are)!   The producer, ADs and director are so down to earth and friendly, it felt like a group of friends whether than co-workers.  At first I was somewhat nervous to be the substitute key of this show, but it turns out that everyone is so lay back and easy to work with.   I feel that I belong to this crew and I wish to work with all of you guys again on a different show!


October, 2005

Just landed my foot on a different project, this time it’s neither about the camera nor the special effects.  This time I am hauling my stuff to stage for a live concert!   The musical play / rock concert production “Southern Time” is a real life story about a man who is so gifted in musical talent but suffers from HIV.  For details go to   Working side by side with the head of wardrobe Nancy Black, a talented fashion designer ( and now also a good friend we are pulling up our sleeves and getting ready for the concert that will take place in 2 months – from Dec 4 – 10, 2005 at Wise Hall.  Come join us!


September, 2005


I am so blessed to be able to stay at beautiful Bowen Island in B.C. (North of Vancouver) for this whole month for free!  No, I am not on holidays here, I am shooting the feature film “Jacob two two meets the hooded fang” on Bowen Island.  It was a community film by a whole bunch of film lovers who devote their valuable time (and $$$) to this great project, and I am honored to be the key makeup artist for this project.   George & Travis, you guys are amazing, thanks for brining me onto the team!   Moving from cottage to home stay to another cottage on the island, I find myself falling in love with this island and the people on it.  Am enjoying the beautiful beach, the floating docks and the marvelous nature while this project is still running.  And as a bonus, I get to watch old CSI episodes every night!


August 2005

What’s the most memorable thing happened this summer?  Shooting a short dance film in Wreck Beach at UBC.  Did I mention wearing clothes is optional in Wreck Beach?  Not only did I saw uncountable naked men & women in the 3 days of shooting, I also had the workout of my life during these 3 days.   To get from the parking lot on SW Marine Drive down to Wreck Beach takes 332 steps of wood stairs.  It is actually a nice trail to hike down to and back; but when you are carrying 1 makeup case (45 pounds), 1 large size luggage bag (35 pounds), 1 L of drinking water (as I figured sea water is not drinkable), 1 folding chair and 1 set bag (20 pounds), the 332 steps of stairs all of a sudden seemed like a marathon to me.   After going back and forth those stairs at least 3 times a day (the extra trip is for helping the rest of the crew carry their stuff down or up), my thigh starts to ache on the 1st night, and then it turns into soreness on 2nd night; on the 3rd day I am convinced that the intense soreness (and partial numbness) is body signals of “either you quit the job or I will quit on you”.  But of course with our standard professionalism in this field we sign up to stick to the bitter end.  So even though it was a volunteer job, at least I gained a good workout out of it, 3 days spent at a beautiful beach and a good sun tan (plus the bonus sun burn on my back).


P.S. – must I never forget the giant green slugs that crawl onto my kit 3 times while I was doing makeup, and the poor locations guy that went up & down those stairs 12 times in 1 day, I salute to your efforts! 


July 2004

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