Amy Pang





Amy is a local freelance makeup artist residing in Vancouver, B.C.   Her work medium includes Film, TV, Print, Theatre,

Fashion & Bridal.


When Amy decided that she wants to turn her passion in makeup into a career, she first completed a certified Makeup Artistry course at Marvel College in Calgary, then later on pursued her diploma in professional Makeup Design for TV & Film at Vancouver Film School in Vancouver.

Then in 2008, Amy flew over half the world to study Advanced Asian Makeup Design Program in Beijing, China.


Having worked on various feature films, MOW, short films, TV series, editorial work, musical play, Galas and live concert, Amy’s eagerness to learn & experiment with different character designs continue to grow.


As a habit Amy constantly updates her portfolio by participating in different projects and meeting different people in different countries. Her trip to Beijing, China in 2008 was an eye opener to the cultural difference & its relation to Asian Makeup Designs.   Every project is a new learning opportunity.


Amy continues to enrich her knowledge through research on fashion & beauty materials from Asia, Europe and North America to keep herself on top of the latest trends.   Her mission is to tailor a unique makeup design for the actor (according to character design ) / model to accentuate the most distinctive features and help bring out the character.





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