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Favorite Food:  All types of Cheese, Costco French Fries with gravy, Fish & Chips, Korean Food & Chinese Congee with rice roll  (Yum Yum...)


Favorite Music: Jazz, Classical, Hymns & Contemporary Christian music


Favorite pass time:  Lying on a sling bed with a good book on a breezy summer day or sit by the fireplace with a cup of latte, cycling at Stanley park, sit by the bench in the Park Royal Village with a cup of Whole Foods organic coffee on a sunny day, create new makeup designs, play with my dogs & cat, hang out with friends, lapping


Most memorable work experience in film : 1.) Shooting at Wreck Beach in UBC in the midst of the nude dance festival   2.)  Shooting in a park in Mission and being attacked by an army of mutated mosquitoes that are immune to any type of bug sprays  


Favorite movie:  Moulin rouge, Brave Heart, When Dreams Come True, Matrix (I - III), The Mummy (I & II), Hitch, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Keeping the Faith


Pet Peeves:  Bad Customer Service, Poor hygiene


Nick names: Bunny, Panda, PANG


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